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Graffiti 2011 - Symbiosis Centre for Information Technology (SCIT)

graffiti 2011.2011 Graffiti
On 7-9 January 2011 there is an annual event on the theme of graffiti. The event was held for 3 consecutive days. In this event has also invited students from Various technical and business institutions across India to Participate in an array of exciting competition.
Graffiti is the annual techno-managerial symbiosis fest held at the Centre for Information Technology. It blends the Various Facets of business and technology in an absolutely Splendid Manner.
Graffiti turns 10 this year! And on this Occasion, we're Trying to bring out the best of it with a novel concept-"BizShastra" - Reincarnating Business. With this theme, We plan to bring back to life the ancient principles of business inscribed in our Shastras.
Symbiosis Centre for Information Technology (SCIT) is a premier IT.B-School located in India’s most futuristic IT city, Pune, at Rajiv Gandhi IT Park, Hinjewadi.SCIT is one of the sparkles under the umbrella of Symbiosis International University. With its one-of-a-kind curriculum, it has carved a niche for itself as a pioneer in IT Management. SCIT’s focus is to equip the IT industry with the right kind of professionals through its right blend of IT savvy MBA programmes covering the entire spectrum of ‘Technology’ to ‘Business’ since the last ten years. Symbiosis has been imparting quality education in India for over thirty years now and SCIT, with its MBA-ITBM course, is committed to sculpting IT professionals in such a manner that they become the most sought after managers and every company’s need.

Name of events in fest

# Advitiya -“The Ultimate One”
# Arthasastra -“Map the Economy”
# Blog-O-Line (Blogging) -“Express Yourself!”
# Sudoku Relay -“Ready to be obsessed?”
# Parikshan (A Case Study Competition) -“Just Probe It”
# Kotler’s Quad (The Marketing Event) -”Create, Communicate, Deliver”
# Auto Stock (The Algorithmic Trading Event) -“Even moguls need to plan”
# Rann-Bhoomi (The Lan Gaming Event) -“Vanquish the Enemy”
# Rann-Neeti (The Business-Plan Competition)-“Discover the pleasure of entrepreneurship”
# Epiphany (Battle-of-the Bands) -“Just Jam It”
# Virtual Bounty (An Online Treasure Trail)
# Prashnamanch (The Business Quiz) -“Business Knowledge – Quantified!!”
# Kaaryashaala (Workshops) -”Learn from the wise”

Contact details


Plot 15 Rajiv Gandhi InfoTech Park
Hinjawadi,Pune – 411057
Maharashtra, India
Contact: Sharendran+91-8007270063


Website :
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